About Us

Since72 Founders Adriano and Caetano

When the idea of creating a record label first came up on a Saturday afternoon, middle of April 2015, it was just...an idea. 


Formed by two  brazilian metal fans, borned in the same year (guess which one!!) and raised in this music genre since the beggining of the 80´s, their curriculum were made of diverse experiences. A die hard collector and knower of the brazilian market and an expert in business and technology. They joined love to metal music with the will of recriating in vinyl great metal classics again and started the path to a project that brought promising results.


From dream to reality it took just a few weeks. In May 2015, the official fanpage in Facebook was online,  some months far from label first release. 

Initial ideas started to come up and then the contacts to the bands. So they closed their first deal : the release of Who´s Dead, from Orquidea Negra, first metal album of a band from state of Santa Catarina . Soon new albums were starting to come: one split vinyl with two bands from the countryside of Sao Paulo state , Mortage and Vulture, never before in vinyl; the amazing debut self -titled album from the thrash metal band Exterminio from Rio; the legendary Portal do Inferno  from Alta Tensão ; and the acclaimed Mental Slavery, the record that consolidated the career of the thrashers of MX . After that many other releases were included in our catalogue from artists like Great Vast Forest, Desaster, Torture Squad and the brazilian phenomenon Nervosa.

We are growing fast as we are extremely dedicated to look for amazing releases for the next years. As one of the best brazilian metal labels dedicated to vinyl, our goal is to reach the top. And bring the best of metal art to our fans-friends in the whole country. Come with us in this journey!! Hail!